Put Some Light On The Subject: How To Improve The Lighting In Your Yard

Spring will be here before you know it. Soon the weather will be warming up, and you'll be spending more time outside. If you've got some home improvement projects to do this spring, it's time to add LED lighting to the list. Even if you think you've got plenty of outdoor lighting, there's always room for more, especially if you don't have LED lighting in your yard. Here are four lighting projects you should tackle this spring.

Flood the Yard with Light

If you spend a lot of time outdoors when the weather is good, you need to add LED flood lights to your yard. Lighting up your porch is fine, but if the yard isn't well-lit, you're being short-changed on the amount of time you can spend outside. Specifically, without flood lights, your outdoor fun needs to stop when the sun goes down. However, when you install LED flood lights in your yard, you can enjoy your backyard long after the sun goes down. Not only that, but the addition of backyard flood lights will increase the security of your yard.

Light a Path to Your Home

When people install lighting in their yard, they often forget about the pathways leading up to the house. That can lead to some very dark sidewalks. Now that you're going to be installing new lighting in your yard, don't forget to add pathway light fixtures. You can choose in-ground lighting fixtures that are installed directly into the ground, which puts light right by your feet. Or, you can choose post lighting fixtures that attach to fence posts. These lighting fixtures provide a wider lighting area by directing the light higher up off the ground.

Ensure a Bug-Free Patio

One of the problems with spending time outside when the weather warms up is that the bugs are enjoying the same warm temperatures. Not only that, but they're attracted to the light on your porch. Unfortunately, that means your evenings in your yard are going to be interrupted by annoying bugs. That is, unless you install LED lighting on your patios. There are led wall packs for sale at most home improvement stores. With special LED light bulbs in your new lighting fixtures, you can keep those bugs away.

Protect Those Entry Ways

When it comes to securing your home and protecting your family, you need to make sure that your entry points are well-lit. That's where LED outdoor lighting comes in handy. With LED lighting, you can illuminate your entire entry way, including those out-of-the-way corners that aren't always easy to get light to.

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