3 Tips For Purchasing A Thermal Camera For Your Firehouse

If your firehouse is in need of a thermal camera, you are going to want to make sure that your purchasing committee purchases the best camera possible for your firehouse to use. You are going to want to do your research to not only get the best deal but to get a camera that is going to fit your firefighting needs.

1. Detector Resolution

Infrared cameras do not have the same number of pixels as regular, visible-light cameras. You are not going to find 4K infrared cameras. However, that does not mean that you should compromise on the quality of the resolution.

When looking at cameras, you are going to want to focus on getting a camera that has a high detector resolution. The detector resolution is the quality of the actual number of pictures that your camera will capture.

It is important to note that this is different than the display resolution. The display resolution is often higher than the detector resolution. The display resolution just tells you the quality of the display camera; you want to focus on the quality of the image that is being taken since that image is providing you with crucial data that will allow your firefighters to know how to approach a situation.

2. Visible-Light Capability

Next, make sure that the camera you purchase can act as both an infrared camera and as a visible light camera. You are going to want to have a visible light camera include an illuminator lamp and laser pointer.

These tools will allow you to take industry-specific photos. You will be able to use the visible light camera to take pictures of what the outside of a pipe looks like that you are scanning for infrared heat. You can use the laser pointer to bring focus to specific components or areas within the picture. A visible-light camera combined with an infrared camera will allow you the greatest degree of flexibility.

3. Pay Attention to the Measurements

Finally, pay attention to the type of measurements that the infrared camera your firehouse is interesting in purchasing can provide you with. It is important that the camera you pick can provide you with accurate results and information. You want a camera that will give you as many data points as possible to work with, such as object distance, reflected temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric temperature.

Make sure that the infrared camera that you choose has a high detector resolution to provide you with the most amount of information possible and has a high number of measurements and data points to work with. Make sure that the infrared camera fits all of your needs.  

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