Wirelessly Charge While You Drive

Do you have questions about being able to charge your phone wirelessly in a vehicle? This technology is still fairly new to most people, and so having some answers to some basic questions may help you decide if you need a wireless charging dock station in your car and how to find one.

Does This Work for Any Phone?

No, you need to have a phone that was created with wireless charging in mind. There are two main types: PMA and Qi. Most phones will wireless charge via PMA or Qi.

What Is Qi?

Qi is a standard that many major cell phone manufacturers use to allow a phone to charge wirelessly. These types of phones use a type of charging known as inductive charging. This uses the properties of the way magnetic fields manipulate energy to transfer energy from the charger dock to your phone. The coils in both objects have to have the same resonant frequency in order for this to work.

What Is PMA?

PMA stands for Power Matters Alliance, which was founded to create a wireless charging standard. This type of charging is sometimes referred to as A4WP, as Power Matters Alliance was merged with the Alliance for Wireless Power later, so the same wireless charging standard is sometimes referred to by two different names. In all honesty, they are very similar types of charging. PMA uses inductive coupling, which is a really similar use of magnetic fields to transfer energy wirelessly. The difference is in the small details.

Because of the two main standards for wireless charging, it's important that you find a wireless charging dock for your vehicle with the correct charging standard.

What Size Will You Need?

Like most types of vehicular phone docks, you will need to ensure that you find one that is the correct size for your phone. So you want to make sure you know how big your phone is when you're searching.

Is Wireless Charging Safe?

It may seem an unsafe technology type, but in truth, you likely have already interacted with wireless charging and didn't even realize it. Wireless charging is common in electronic toothbrushes and power tools, so the likelihood is, you already have something in the house. It's no less safe to be plugged into your car than it is to be plugged into your bathroom wall. Of course, as with all electronic devices, if it starts smoking or sparking you will want to unplug it and discontinue use.

For more information, contact companies that supply wireless charging vehicle docks. 

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